Church Constitution

Our church is governed by our Church Constitution. The Preamble is included here; if you are interested in viewing the entire document please use the link below to contact us.

Preamble (from the Constitution of the Graffiti Fellowship Church)

Since it pleased Almighty God, by His Holy Spirit, to call certain of His servants to unite here in 2018 under the name Graffiti Fellowship Church, for the worship of God and the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and He has sustained and prospered this work to the present day; and

Whereas we, the members of Graffiti Fellowship Church, having searched the Scriptures under the guidance of His Spirit have recognized the need to constitute ourselves to more conform to His will for the Church in this age and prepare ourselves for greater efforts in His name;

Now therefore we, the members of Graffiti Fellowship Church, do hereby organize ourselves pursuant to Article 10 of the Religious Corporation Laws of the State of New York, and adopt this Constitution as our articles of governance, to be interpreted at all times to reflect the character of and bring glory to Jesus Christ, as revealed in the Holy Bible and articulated in the standards set forth in the Statement of Faith (2018) and Covenant (2018) of this church.