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Mission teams are an integral part of Graffiti Fellowship Church's service to our community, helping us meet needs and show God's love in ways that we simply could not do without their help. We strive to create long-lasting, well-rounded partnerships with teams and the churches/organizations they represent that will impact New York City for years to come.

Drawing from the Graffiti Network's more than 40 years of experience in inner-city ministry, we have developed guidelines and best practices that ensure both Graffiti and our mission teams have a safe and productive ministry together. Have a look at the information below, and please contact us if you have any questions!


For reasons of safety and logistics, all of our mission team members must be 13 years old or older at the time of arrival. This includes team member's own children, as we cannot provide childcare during your mission trip.

There must be at least one adult 25 years old or older on your team. There must be one adult 18 years old or older for every 5 team members. For example, a team of 15 persons must have at least 3 adults.

Our maximum team size is 25 persons except at prearranged special events. Minimum team sizes may also apply during certain times of year.

Your team will be engaged in different types of ministry in New York City. Specific ministry projects vary by location, season, weather and more but most often include some or all of the following:

  • Serving inner-city poor/marginalized communities
  • Homeless outreach
  • Community meal/soup kitchen
  • Serving on public school campuses
  • Cross-cultural ministry to Muslim and other populations
  • Children's ministry/Summer Camp/VBS
  • Serving hundreds from around the world with Kindness Outreach/Servant Evangelism

We arrange housing, meals, required appearal, and MTA MetroCards for teams of certan sizes. We are ready to make planning your trip as easy as possible! We are unable to help with travel to NYC from your hometown, however.

As your team may be working with children, a federally compliant (FCRA) national criminal background check must be  conducted for each adult who will be aged 18 or older upon your arrival. These background checks will be included in your team's trip pricing. Additionally, an online child protection training must be completed by each adult on yout team.  Don't worry, we will get all this information to you!

We encourage teams to join us for our Sunday morning worship and Thursday evening Prayer services. Mission teams hands-on ministry schedule is usually Monday though Thursday, except for prearranged special events.  Many teams choose to travel into or out of NYC a day or two early to include sightseeing!

A nonrefundable deposit is required to secure your team's trip dates, and all trips must be paid in full before your team's arrival.  Your final due date will be clearly communicated as a part of your team's reservation process.


If bringing a team to serve with Graffiti Fellowship Church sounds like good news for your team, we would love to hear from you! Simply click the button to get started!